Thursday, March 3, 2011

What do animals do in winter?

Winter can be a problem time for animals. The weather is cold and often snowy. Food and water are hard to find. Some birds fly south to warmer lands where there is plenty of food. This is called migration. Some fish also migrate southward – to warmer waters. Dear and wolves and foxes grow thick coat of fur to keep themselves warm. In the north, the fur of rabbits and weasels changes from brown to white. This helps them hide from their enemies. Raccoons, Skunks and bears take long naps in their dens. Now and then they wake up to hunt for food.
Chipmunks and groundhogs are some of the biggest sleepers. In the fall, they stuff themselves with food until they can hardly wake. Then they find a warm spot under the ground and hibernate, or sleep, until spring. They live this way all winter on the fat stored in their bodies and wake up in the spring when it is warm again

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