Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kandahar Province with more pictures

Kandahar, the birth place and first capital of modern Afghanistan, founded by Ahmad Shah Durrani in 1774, is today the second largest city of Afghanistan, located on the Asian highway halfway between
Kabul and Heart. The area is rich in ancient history. Here, Alexander the great founded Alexandria
Of Arachosia and the region was reputedly fought over by the Saffavids   and Moghuls . it was the independent minded Afghans of Kandahar, first under the leadership of Mir Wais and then of Ahmad Shah Durrani ,who hastened the decline of both empires and annexed much of their territories to the young Afghan kingdom in the 8th century.
Major Places of Interests:
KHERQA SHARIF: this shrine containing the cloak of the Prophet Mohammad is the most
Sacred One in Afghanistan. This relic was brought to Kandahar by Ahmad Shah Durrani.

CHEL ZINA: this interesting monument consists of 40 stairs leading to a chamber carved in to rock inside is and inscription stating that it was built Babur the founder of the Moghul Empire
And listing the domains of the Emperor.
OTHER INTERESTING SITES: Zor Shar (Old City), Shrine of Haratji Baba, Shrine of Baba Wali,
Charsuq (Bazar of 4 arcades)

Picture of Focus on Kandahar          

Picturesof Kandahar Airport in 2005

Picture of  Kandahar Gate Way

Picture of Miwais Nekah Kandahar

Kandahr in Afghanistan Map

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