Sunday, March 13, 2011

some information about Lashkargah - Bost

Lashkargah is the capital of Helmand province, built around the Helmand Arghandab valley authority which seeks to transform the deserts of the region into fertile fields as green as they were centuries ago before conquerors and anarchy consigned them to their present barrenness.
Ancient bost, now lies south of the modern administrative center. Bost is recognized in the Zoroastian hymns of the AVESTA, in Achaemenid town lists and 1st century accounts. These references, however, are vague but there is no doubt that the citadel was taken by Arab conquerors around 661 A.D. in the 9th century, the city grew to become the second city of the south west. An Arab traveler in the middle of the 11th century describes the city as ….one of the principle cities in the province of Seistan, except Zaranj no city is larger. The inhabitants are polite and generous …..It is a city well supplied with provision, fruits and dates. From the 11th utile the middle of the 12th century Bost prospered as the winter capital of the Ghaznavids, was burned and looted in 1151 by the Ghorids and then completely demolished by Genghis
Khan in 1220.
Today the remains of the great palace of Masoud still give the visitor an idea of the splendor of the court of what was then the greatest Empire of the east. The most remarkable monument is the magnificently decorated arch which has a span of 80 feet.
Source of Article is A Book

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