Thursday, March 10, 2011

information about Helmand Province - Afghanistan

Helmand is the biggest city of Afghanistan which located in the south of Afghanistan. 70% people of this city are speaking in Pashto language and the rest 30% are speaking in Dari and Baluchi languages. The center of this province is Lashkargah .the area of this province is 829/61 Square meter and population is about 542000 people
Iranian reads Helmand name Hermand that it means fire holder and it is the river that puts from Afghanistan to Iran and at the end to Hamoon Lake. Helmand province has 12 districts. Lashkargah is the center of Helmand. After 1953 AD a Bazzar created as a design center and Aforementioned projects near of old ruins of this city
In 1973 Bazzar of this city had 655 shops that included grocery, drapery, and different trailer sales. Khulj Bazzar is one the famous Bazzar of Lashkargah, which is Friday market and located in 23 Kilometer south of this city.

Districts of Helmand Province       
1: Lashkargah
2: Mehr Saraj District in
3: Kajaki District
4: Musa District
5: Baghran District
6: Nawzad District
7: Washir
8: Nad Ali District
9: Nawa Barakzai District
10: Khanyshen
11: Desho District
12: Garmser District

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