Friday, March 4, 2011

Biography of Waheed Saberi Afghan Singer

Waheed Saberi
Waheed Saberi was born in Kabul and he finished school in Habibia high school and he was singing songs during the school periods.Waheed Saberi begun his musician works after completing school.
In the first he joined Baran group of course Baran group was famous group in that time.
The first song of Waheed Saberi recorded in Kabul Radio the name of song was Dokhtar Dehqan Manam
Waheed Saberi immigrated during internal wars of Afghanistan. Went to Moscow and he is living in Moscow now. And according to some problems he could not made his songs. But after that went to India and recorded 40 new songs of course these songs have recorded with Indian music. And some music directors of India helped with Waheed Saberi regarding record of these songs. Waheed Saberi came to Afghanistan several times. And Afghan peoples are eager for coming of this popular and best singer

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