Friday, March 4, 2011

Biography of Shabnam Suriya Tajikistan Singer

 Shabnam Suriya is the best and popular singer of Tajikistan. Her mother name is Suriya and her sister is Farzana Khorsheed the popular singer of Tajikistan. Shabnam Suriya is also popular in Afghanistan the cause is this that Shabnam Suriya copied some popular Afghan singer’s songs like Amir Jan Sabori and Farhad Dariya. And also she made mixed song at name of Ba Khudai Yakta with Javeed Sharif Afghan famous singer. Right now she has more fans in Afghanistan and also Shabnam Suriya made mixed songs with Tajikistani singers like Parwina, Janibek and others. And also she sung a song in Laila Frohar 2006 Concert in Tajikistan. She selected as a goodwill ambassador of UN in 2007

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