Thursday, March 3, 2011

Biography of Seta Qasemi Afghan Singer

Seta Qasemi
She is the best and famous singer of Afghanistan. She received universal popularity in a few time
Seta Qasemi was born in Kabul Capital of Afghanistan and studied school up to 10th grade in one of Kabul city schools but during internal wars she leaved the country. In the first she went to Pakistan and after to Germany and now she is living in Frankfurt. Seta Qasemi is the singer she has more fans between youths of Afghanistan. Seta Qasemi began her musician works from the childhood. Seta Qasemi has more than 20 song.Seeta Qasemi has more mixed songs with different Afghanistan singers that singers are Wali,Bashir Hamdard,Shafiq Mureed and Arees Parwiz and also Seta Qasemi is the best Compositor and poet and has full access in making of music composes and compose of her some songs are from herself. Seta Qasemi made video clips for her some songs that some of them are mixed songs with Bashir Hamdard,Shafiq Mureed, Arees
Seta Qasemi married with Farooq Karemi and they have 2 children according to telling of her husband he had more interests to Seta Qasemi but they have separated

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