Thursday, March 3, 2011

Biography of Sarder Sayed Afghan Singer and Actor

Name:Sardar Sayed
Occupation: singer, director, writer, and actor
Age: 24
Sardar Sayed is a pop singer. He is fairly new to the business, having started out two years ago. But in a short space of time, he has attracted many fans and written some great music.
Sayed says music should reflect Afghan culture and traditions and must hold a message for listeners. as well as a singer, sayed as a director, script writer and an actor.sayed started his artistic career as an assistant director and actor in Pakistan while he was there as refugee between 2002 and 2006. During this time, he gained many skills in various artistic fields. He recalls. I was watching Pashto films and there were a lot of things that I did not like and wanted to improve so I joined the industry to do something better. Sayed worked on 5 or 6 films; as well as directing, he wrote script too. In 2007, he made a big step in his career by directing his own film: Qosor De Cha Da.  He also wrote and started in the movie.
His other films, Zara me Manali , Jabree Wadoona and Doka  were filmed in quick succession. Unfortunately, his film career did not bring him financial success and he struggled to earn money and meet expenses. Sayed identifies the lack of funding and support from the authorities and the public as a reason for the poor state of the Afghan film industry. Competition from foreign films is also an issue.
Explaining his decision to enter into the music business, Sayed said: I had an interest in music from childhood. I listen to khial Mohammad and Ustad Shawali songs, and that gave me the motivation to sing and play music. I want to my service to other Afghans through my music. Sayed music career is going successfully. He released 2 albums, in 2008 and 2009: Paka Yarana Kaawoo and De Yat Pe Stergo Ke Sa were hits and brought him fame on the Afghan music scene. Sayed has also played many concerts for local TV. Of his concert in Mazar-e-Sharif, Sayed says it was warmly welcomed; I never expected to be so well received. Singers should reflect Afghan traditions, according to Sayed. He also believes a singer should use nice lyrics that carry a message. Sayed is now working on a song about education and writing film. He wants the whole world to know about his music. During his leisure time, Sayed reads books and writes. He also works with Shamshad TV as director, cameraman and soundman.
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