Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Biography of Laila Frohar Iranian Singer

Laila Frohar is one of the best Iranian singer. She is the daughter of one of the past cinema actor at name of Jahangir Frohar. Laila Frohar was born in 1337 year.  She was born in a family that her mother at name of Feringis Farohzad was also an actress. The first work of Laila Frohar was acting in a movie at name of Sultan Qalbha at age 4. Laila Frohar had begun singing at professional method from age 14. In the first Laila Frohar traveled to America. In America some people suggest for giving of a concert and she gave concert in America. She began her first Album with Mukhemel Naz outside Iran. She sang songs for 18 years in America. She married in 2004 with a person at name of Asi (Ismail) and after that she separated her life from her mother, brother and sister and went to of the best album of Laila Frohar is at name of Yak Bosa

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