Thursday, March 3, 2011

Biography of Farhad Daryia Afghan Singer

Farhad Dariya the best singer and compositor of Afghanistan
Farhad Daryia was born 1962 in Kabul capital of Afghanistan, Farhad Dariya in addition of Persian that is the native language sings in Pashto and Uzbeki. Farhad Dariya is the famous singer of Afghanistan and also right now he is a universal singer. Farahad Dariya during the singing went to Kunduz with his parent,
And lived there about 17 year. when he was learning in Shir Khan Kunduz school, he established the first Musician group at name of Naystan and then created Baran Musician group that in this group were some other best and famous singers like Waheed Saberi,Mukhtar Majeed and others in the first this group was the best group and famous group but then this group removed. After that Farahd Dariya immigrated to foreign countries in 1990 year. In the first he went to Cheksalwakia after that to Germany and then to America and lived in America and begun his musician works in there. In addition of America ha has given more concerts to foreign countries and attracted the majority of people.Farhad Dariya in addition of Persian language singing in Pashto, Uzbeki, Urdu, and English languages. farahd Daryia has several art trips to Afghanistan one them was Kucha concert for street children. After that Farhad Driya  sang a song at name of (Salam Aleek) that this song translated to different languages and became the famous song in Afghanistan and outside of Afghanistan. In fact this song was the link between east and west, after that song Farhad Dariya selected as a goodwill ambassador of UN. Farhad Dariya recorded 13 of his albums in Afghanistan from 1980 – 1990 years. Farhad Dariya is the best and famous singer right now and his family is living in America.  

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