Monday, March 7, 2011

Biography of Amir Jan Sabori Afghan Singer

Amir Jan Sabori was born in Heart city, and is one of the best and popular singers of Afghanistan
Amir Jan Sabori began music at age 16. The first song of Amir Jan Sabori was at name of Dokhtar Heri that he sung this song in a festival. In that festival received second position, became more people and attracted more fans. And after he recorded the first song in Afghanistan Radio, Amir Jan Sabori married in 1355 year that has 3 sons at name of Ali Sena, Alias, and Ajmal.  Amir Jan Sabori created an Orchestra at name of Gul-e-Surkh. There were some more popular singers like Wajee and Farid Rastegar, Sharif Sahel, Nahim, Hafeez Wesal, Mahmmod Kamen and others in this orchestra. Amir Jan Sabori without singing he is the best compositor that made composes for more Afghan singers. Amir Jan Sabori is living in Uzbekistan and cooperate more Afghan singers from Uzbekistan. Amir Jan Sabori has a clear voice. And he has come 1 or 2 turn in Afghanistan but we wish he came for always in Afghanistan  
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