Thursday, March 3, 2011

Biography of Ahmad Wali Nawabi Afghan Singer

Ahmad Wali Nawabi is the son of Akram Nawabi and he was born in Kabul capital of Afghanistan and graduated from Habibia high school. And also the talent of Ahmad Wali is admirable. Ahmad Wali had interest to the music from the childhood. He begun music at age of 12 and his teacher was Mohmmad Hashem drum player. First time for learning of drum playing in Afghanistan Radio he became student of Austad Jalil. And he recorded 2 songs in Afghanistan Radio. Ahmad Wali had married with Hangam the best and popular singer of Afghanistan but for some family problems they separated from each other. Ahmad Wali was the student of Habibia School that became popular with this 2 mentioned song. Ahmda Wali had given a concert for mother day that became more popular and found more fans. In that year Ahmad wali received the year singer title. When Ahmad Wali graduated from Habibia School according to an invitation from Iran country he went to Iran with some Afghani singers.
For the first time Ahmad Wali immigrated to Germany after that he went to America and right now he is living in America.

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