Friday, February 11, 2011

Minaret of Jam

Minaret of Jam
Central Route
The central route from Kabul to Herat is undoubtly a fascinating experience but should only be undertaken by adventurous or pioneering travelers. Passing the first highlights, Bamiyan and Bande Amir, this route leads via Panjaw to Chaghcharan,the capital of the Ghor province. The road continues via Sharak towards north, where in a lonely, remote valley, closely  surrounded on all sides by towering barren mountains stands the 65m high Minaret of Jam, at the southern bank of the Hari rod river. Only the Qutob Minar in Dehli,built by Qutbudin after conquering india,is higher. It is the only well preserved architectural monument from the Ghorid period. En route to Herat,the Ghorid tombs of Cheste Sharif and the hot mineral springs of Obe are favored stopover.  

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