Friday, February 25, 2011

Meeting of Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan with Google Inc

A meeting was held for more cooperation and collaboration between ministry of higher education of Afghanistan and Google Company on 26- Feb-2011 in higher education of Afghanistan conference hall
According to in the first of session Pvnhal Mohmmad Osman Baberi teaching ministry of higher education spoke about improvement of higher education in the last year especially about informational technology and for improvement of that. Then Pvhand Hamidullah Amin head of Kabul University and Dr Hizatullah Hameed director of Kabul Polytechnic University spoke. After that Rvzlajns the team on behalf of Google Inc. plans about the future and create more connections with educational institutions in Afghanistan and offered explanations about the promise of cooperation said Drakhyr information about the use of information technology from the Technical University of cable and cable pulley by university professors of computer science was presented to the audience that the participants were considering.
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