Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Get Ads from Google Adsense

In this article we will learn how we take the ad code will be put on blogs or online business website.

Here are the steps to get the content ads. Which includes online advertising business content is google adsense ad unit (text or image) and link units.
  1. Log into your adsense account in / adsense, then enter your username and password.
  2. To start getting adsense ad code, click the AdSense Setup tab.
  3. Click item Get Ads
  4. Click the link Adsense for Content
  5. Next page, you will get two choices for content. You can choose to get the code for the ad unit or link unit.
  6. As an example we choose the ad unit. Check the Ad Unit option.
  7. There are several options for ad units. Do you want to display text and image ads in turn, text-only ads, image ads or just alone.
  8. Click the advanced button to continue the process of acquisition of the ad code.
  9. Choose one ad unit formats are available.
  10. You can choose the theme of the display ad units. Themes display means sebua package color combinations given a certain name is called palette.
  11. If the palette of available colors not satisfactory, you can change color according to what you want.
  12. If you want to see a preview of your ad, you can click the link Preview Adsense units. You'll get a pop up ad preview, so you can choose the size according to your blog or website.
  13. In order to merge with the design your website or blog, adsense offers various angles oposi style ads. You can choose one of these options that match your blog design style.
  14. At the moment there are no ads, Google Adsense will display public service ads. You can change by choosing other options or URLs replaced no ads replaced with black boxes.
  15. Click the Continue button to continue the process.
  16. You can group these ads into channels or channel. How to add channels by clicking the Add New Channel.
  17. Click the Continue button to continue the process.
  18. next page, you are asked to give a name to this ad unit.
  19. Click the Submit and Get Code. enter the ad code into the page HTML
  20. On the next page you will get your code to paste on your webpage. Copy the code and place it into your web page. For Blogger  users, you can enter the ad code into the page HTML / Javascript.
Source of Article: EzineArticles

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