Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Forest Musk Deer

It is real name is musk deer and it is scientific name is Machos Chrysogaster. They live in forests; brush lands form Himalayas to central China. They belong to Mammalian (Mammals) class,Artiodactyle     (Even-Toed Ungulates) order and Maschidue (Musk Deer) family. Its body is about 4-5cm long and it is not a dangerous animal. It has long thick, bristly hair covering the body of the forest Musk deer and helps protect the animal form the often harsh weather condition of its habitat. 
Male and female look more or less alike, but the male has lager tusks, developed from upper canine teeth, and a gland on the abdomen which secrets the musk in the breeding season. Only mature male have these glands. Usually solitary, musk deer may occasionally gather in groups of up to three.
They are active in the mornings and evenings feeding on grass, mass and shoots in summer and lichens, twigs and buds in winter. At the onset of the breeding season, males fight to establish dominance and thus access to large number of females. They wrestle with their necks, trying to push one another to the ground, and may inflict deep wounds with their tusks. The female give birth to a single young musk deer     

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