Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Way that you can increase your google adsense income

Adding Google Adsense to your website is a wonderful and simple way to increase the money you can earn when you created your website or blog and applied for google adsense. After this google will accepte your application and put google adsense code on your website or blog and your ads are running well on your website but this is not the beginning than follow these ways
1: when people create a website or blog and apply for Google adsense they are more hopeful that they can receive money from their website or blog but it is not right you should wait up to 6 month for really earning money work hard and find more visitors to your website or blog

2: you should have traffic for your blog or website; because By driving more visitors to your site you will probably increase the number of ad clicks from adsense .you should submit your blog or website to directories and search engines. Link exchange with other websites, for more traffic these are some free directories you can submit your blogs and websites.

3: The position of your google adsense ads in your website is very important. Place your adsense ads on top of your webpage so when page loads up user will see your ads first this will increase the chance of clicking on your ads.and past webmasters' experience has shown that your ad revenue increases when your Adsense ads are at the top or in the middle of your website pages. The bottom of the page is a bad place to put ads, because not everyone will read all the way down the page.
4: In general you have two kinds of ad colors to choose from:
  • ads that stand out, and
  • ads that blend in.
5: Use google search engine box on your website so if visitors can't find the information which they were looking for then they may search through your google search box which will also increase your income and it is the best way
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